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The Marsh McLennan Innovation Centre is an exciting Research & Development hub located in Dublin, Ireland. Delivering industry-leading digital solutions to clients since 2015, the Innovation Centre brings together data and technology to drive continuous innovation for Marsh McLennan and its businesses. A recent example of leading work from this team includes Marsh McLennan’s Generative AI Tool, LenAI, developed and available for more than 85,000 colleagues worldwide. Browse our current opportunities below to learn more about joining the Innovation Centre.


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Hear From Our Colleagues

“Whether it is about the hands-on exposure on the different technologies or about the great learnings through collaboration or indeed about experiencing multiple facets of different roles within the teams, our proud team – Transaction Data Management in MMCIC is providing variety of opportunities to learn, grow and better oneself."
Shrividya Murthy Maligi
Senior Data Analyst, Transaction Data Mgmt.
MMC Innovation Centre

“Transaction Data Management at MMC IC provides a variety of opportunities to use not just technical, analytics and data skills, but to do so across a variety of domains and areas of the business around the world.  The variety in projects is interesting, there is scope to grow and culturally there is a real focus on learning, improvement and doing good work."
Emmett Reilly
Data Analytics & Engineering Manager, Transaction Data Mgmt.
MMC Innovation Centre

“Marsh McLennan Innovation Centre exists to serve clients on its own unique inventive way with the help of colleagues who dare to take big leaps utilizing human potential and advanced technologies. The culture promotes diversity, career growth, free skills training, a management who can hear the voice of employees and most of all, ‘sky is the limit on social and fun activities!’ Our mission is to bring inspiration and innovation IN and OUT.”
Reina Abella
Senior Data Analyst
Global Data Management
MMC Innovation Centre

“Marsh McLennan’s Data Solutions team takes pride in delivering relevant analytics solutions to supply our clients with high levels of efficiency and capability. We continuously aspire to implement new ideas, tools and tech to provide growth opportunities in all facets of business. The best thing about my role is the communication and colleague collaboration that I get to experience day to day!”
Rashmikant Shukla
Data Solutions Dashboard Administrator