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Who We Are

Marsh is a leading professional services firm, delivering risk advisory and insurance solutions to companies, institutions and individuals around the world As a Center of Excellence, EBSC supports operations for Marsh Europe to allow brokers to focus more time directly on clients.  Our scope of services includes insurance operations, such as policy servicing, claims, data management, invoicing, and placement support activities. We are at the heart of the Marsh value proposition for multinational clients and our daily work allows us to stay connected to businesses and colleagues all across Europe.

We care about your well-being. We know that a friendly, supportive and inclusive work atmosphere is crucial! We also believe in personal and professional development and give our colleagues the opportunity to acquire new skills, take on exciting challenges, and gain the experience needed to progress their career. We also strive to fulfill our clients’ needs and expectations.

Our Values

We focus on creating a unique and friendly working environment, and we are proud of our values. Each colleague – from top management, to team leaders to operations employees –live by these values in our daily work life.
              Never Walk Alone
We strongly believe that if we want to go far, we need to walk together as a team. We should support each other, building a culture of respect, trust, and collaboration. A place where there aren’t any bad questions.
    Taking Part in the Revolution
We are shaping the future of the industry! Transformation, digitization, and innovation are the key. For us, change means possibility. ​​​​​​​
   Be the Best Version of Yourself
Here – you can be yourself, as we nurture an inclusive culture. We strive to ensure our skills and languages are widely used as well as further developed. Each of our people play a significant role in our success and is encouraged to take initiative and grow.
 Growth Mindset at Our Core
We try to be better every day, which is why we love to learn and grow. We value creativity and innovation! We also give plenty of possibilities for personal and professional development. We create career paths and possibilities so you can climb the ladder within our MMC Group structures worldwide!
      We've Got You Covered
We know that job stability and a wide range of benefits are important to you and your loved ones. We will always work hard to satisfy your needs.

What We Do

Client Onboarding & Placement
This team takes care of the first step of Marsh’s journey with new clients. They handle all operational tasks, essentially helping brokers to compare the carriers' offers to choose the best option for the client, such as account creation, uploading, and archiving client's documentation.
Policy Servicing
Anytime a client needs to make changes in their coverage or renew their policy, this team makes sure to process all important data. The team also handles all requests regarding policies, such as proof of insurance or a summary of the current policies.
Claims are processed by this team from the moment Marsh receives information about an incident taking place, to verifying the coverage and reporting of the damage and/or loss. All while ensuring communication with both the client and the insurer, about the status of the claim.
The fiduciary team supports the financial process. Our colleagues handle operational tasks, like invoicing and cash collection.​​​​​​
Support Team
The Learning and Development, HR, Employer Branding and Process Efficiency teams make sure that work at EBSC runs smoothly, and that our employees have all the tools they need to complete their work!​​​​​​​
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7 Reasons to Join EBSC

Still wondering why you should join EBSC? Learn from some of our colleagues on how they are inspired to do their best work with us.

Making a Difference

Supporting our communities and giving back is more important than ever. That’s why we offer each employee one day off for volunteering purposes, and highly encourage all to take this opportunity individually or as a team. Globally, within the past 8 years, Marsh has dedicated over 1 million hours of volunteering! ​​
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               Also locally in Poland, we organize various activities aiming at help those in need:
  • Blood donations – donating is the ongoing basis of this life-saving liquid to support hospitals needs
  • Earth Day – cleaning up public spaces and planting trees
  • Back to school - supporting refugee children learning in Poland
  • Social Impact Sports Challenge – burning calories and supporting a charity 
  • Children’s Day – 6 care centers supported with donations of much-needed supplies
  • Junior Achievement Job Shadow Activity – mentoring young people and allowing them to see how our work looks like
  • #TrashChallenge – cleaning up a forest
  • Rebuiling Local Communities - painting and renovating “Zielona Dolina” orphanage
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Meet Our Colleagues

"What I appreciate here at Marsh EBSC is the friendly supportive atmosphere, and respect for other people. I also appreciate various workshops and initiatives, especially ideas such as "Thank You Thursday", where you can officially show gratitude and thank colleagues, who you have received support from. I know Polish, English, Mandarin, and Norwegian – and EBSC is the best place for people who love foreign languages and aim at improving them. Our work here is well organized and planned, therefore I can pursue one of my passions - namely traveling! I haven't been everywhere I would like to yet."
Aleksandra Skup 
Operations Specialist, Marsh 

"What I enjoy is the unique culture of support, teamwork, and friendliness we cultivate at EBSC. From the first day of working here, I felt immense support from my team and manager. I can rely on them every day. At EBSC there aren’t any bad questions or ideas and coming up with innovations and process improvements are encouraged. EBSC provides a safe space for you to explore and exhibit your creative side. Your voice will not be hushed due to company status, but everyone is equal in providing their opinion. You know the saying “two heads are better than one” well at EBSC all heads are better when we all work together!"
Alberto Frasca- 
Senior Analyst: Service and Sales Operations, Marsh

"I love seeing so many people grow professionally at Marsh EBSC. This is because we invest in learning and development programs. Everybody is an equally important part of our shared success, and is encouraged to take initiatives to grow. We want everyone to bring their whole selves to work. EBSC strives at creating an environment where everyone feels comfortable. I am deeply sure that our company atmosphere of openness and mutual understanding is an exceptional one."
Helena Tomczuk - 
Team Leader Operations

"When I came here from Holland seven years ago, I didn’t imagine that I would stay here so long. I joined Marsh in Warsaw more than five years ago, and I’m really proud of the way I managed to make a living and find my way here in Poland (even though I am still struggling with the language ). I really value the group of people I work with. We have a lot of young people at EBSC and also many foreigners like me. We have many things in common, this helps us to all understand each otherand it makes working together a breeze. Many places say that they are a family but at EBSC you really feel you are part of one with your colleagues."
Nick Hellinx - 
Operations Specialist, Marsh

"As a part of a global Operational Excellence initiative, that will transform and digitalize how business processes and operations will look like in the future, we have a great opportunity to actively participate in it and work with colleagues across many countries. That is why our work at Marsh EBSC is so exciting and gives many career opportunities to anyone with a hunger for career development. For us, change means possibility? Personally, I am a big fan of History (17th and 18th century mostly). Though I can’t wait for what the future will bring!"
Malvin Reginier - 
Policy Screening Manager,

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