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Our fiduciary management business, Mercer Investment Solutions, is built on the strength and depth of our award winning investment, actuarial and pensions consulting divisions. We have a long established track record of over 20 years in providing fiduciary services to our clients globally , with c.£307bn in assets under management. We partner with our clients to make a difference in people’s lives.  Our priorities inside the organization are the same as our aspirations for business and society: to help people realize their individual and collective potential; to advance belonging, opportunity, health and well-being; and to change what’s possible through partnerships and shared solutions.

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Hear From Our Colleagues

"Since I joined Mercer as a graduate, I have enjoyed a varied career where I have been given opportunities to hold a number of different roles throughout the investment consulting/management businesses.  Apart from job satisfaction and fantastic colleagues, the key benefits I’ve enjoyed from working for Mercer have been the flexible home working policy and Mercer’s emergency care support. When we needed last minute childcare, we were given in home care to mind our 1 and 3 year olds and Mercer contributed to the cost." 
Mary O'Halloran

"I joined as an Investment Analyst in 2021 and my role is spread across Investments, Client and Operations Team within Mercer Ireland over the span of two years. Rotating into different teams gives me the opportunity to connect with different colleagues and witness the amazing Mercer Culture.  The best part about Mercer are the people, always approachable, happy to listen and guide you in almost everything, not only your job profile but also in causes/initiatives that you believe in. And this is uniform across teams which I really appreciate."
Apurva Yadav
Investment Analyst Mercer

"I completed a summer internship with Mercer in 2021, as part of the UK Investment Solutions Client Team. Through that experience I gained an insight into the inclusive and innovative culture at the business. Since joining full time, the culture I experienced has cultivated a supportive network. A network interested in enhancing my development with client work but also keen for me to pursuit projects that I have strong personal connection too."
SuNom Bawa
Client Analyst

"I joined Mercer Investment Solutions in 2016 and have been given great opportunities all the way along to develop both from a personal and career perspective. I view the people I work with not just as colleagues but also as friends. The quality of our people is the reason our clients choose us and stay with us. From the first day I started I realised that everyone in Mercer, regardless of role or grade, had a voice and was encouraged to speak up and give their opinion. As the business has grown this culture has been maintained and fostered by leadership."
John Donoghue
Head of Programme Office, Mercer

"Since joining Mercer in 2019, something I have always valued is the shared belief across the business that people are at their best when they enjoy what they do and feel fulfilled. The ability to work flexibly has allowed me to pursue my passions outside of work as well. Having spent a lot of time volunteering in university, my manager recognised this passion, encouraged me to get involved and supported me in hybrid work whenever I needed."
Hayley Grafton
Investment Analyst Mercer

Making a Difference in Moments That Matter
Our global, enterprise-wide volunteering and giving programs provide the opportunity for colleagues around the world to connect and give back. Whether it’s in person, virtually or a hybrid, our programs ensure colleagues are able to participate how and when is best for them.