Austin OpEx Center

Explore unlimited potential for growth and the ability to impact the future of the client experience at Marsh with a career at our rapidly expanding Austin Operations Center.
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Our Colleagues

“Within OpEx, we get the opportunity to experience a wide range of types of insurance as well as client industries. Throughout global departments, we all work in unison to reach the same goal, to provide excellent service to our clients. Getting the chance to work with colleagues across the globe makes my career extremely exciting and unique, and something I look forward to everyday!”
Ricardo Gonzalez-Davila 
Invoice Request Specialist, Marsh  

"As someone who had minimal experience in the insurance industry prior to Marsh, the training program helped me gain the insurance knowledge necessary (policy comprehension, insurance language, the various lines of business/coverages, etc.) to be successful in my role. The department implemented post-training resources and fostered a culture where everyone is willing to help and want to see you succeed. I can safely say that I have a good understanding of the insurance industry because of the training program, as well as the constant industry knowledge I attain every day in my role."
Donna Catching - 
Account Coordinator,

"What I enjoy the most is my autonomy within client teams which allows me to create a diverse set of  solutions that are met on demand. Advances within the account coordination department affecting organizational change is amazing to experience. Knowing that Marsh is the industry leader, and with heavy investment in technology for the future I cannot wait until the new unified platform brings upon a cohesive environment."

Jihwan Kim- 
Account Coordinator, Marsh

"Marsh has a phenomenal culture of collaboration, partnership & inclusivity. There is never a shortage of someone to lean on or reach out to when support is needed. The willingness to teach, learn & grow as one makes Marsh such an enjoyable place to work. I am thankful to be a part of this growing team every single day, as we navigate the change and evolution that awaits us together."

Megan Fargason - 
Training Specialist, AVP, Marsh

“I love seeing the expansive minds at work within Marsh, and Marsh McLennan, at all levels. I see leaders come to associate level colleagues within the organization seeking ways to enhance existing processes and ideas to improve each Centre of Excellence. I feel my voice actually matters, and my ideas have even made an impact in many aspects throughout my tenure at Marsh. This is something very unique to me as you don’t often get to see this transformational change happen in front of your eyes.”
Randall Tokarz - 
Senior Analyst, Quality Assurance & Operations, Marsh 

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How you'll benefit
Open a door into a career in operations with one of the leading global insurance brokerage and risk management firms

Exposure to many areas of the risk management business in collaboration with colleagues across the country

Develop competencies aligned to operations as well as the industry that will help build your career

What you'll experience
Instructor led training program providing the background and tools needed to succeed in the role
On the job mentorship to help developing of skills post-training

A culture of internal mobility, diversity, inclusion, and collaboration

Who we're looking for
Entry level candidates with an Associates or Bachelor degree

Strong time management skills and ability to juggle multiple deliverables

Willingness to learn with a focus on continuous development