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 What We Do

Mercer Government Human Services Consulting delivers an individualized focus, powered by industry leading experience, integrated capabilities and passionate people. Over the last 35 years, we have worked with 45 US states and territories to help reshape the delivery of healthcare. We bring the right mix of battle-tested experts and multi-disciplinary practitioners to the table to shape real-world solutions and face the toughest issues.

Our expertise is unique because colleagues are able to work side by side across specialties - actuaries, clinicians, data scientists, pharmacists, and consultants  - working together to ensure an integrated approach to addressing the needs of our clients in an everchanging market.

Actuarial and Financial
With the increased emphasis CMS is placing on actuarial expertise, Mercer is well positioned to assist clients on a variety of topics ranging from traditional capitated rate setting to program development and compliance with these new health care delivery models.

InformaticsHealth care data plays a critical role in key decision-making within Medicaid and related programs. Mercer’s Informatics team partners with our state clients to use their health care data to drive effective policy design and program management and, ultimately, achieve better outcomes for the people they serve.
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Meet Our Colleagues

"Consulting for GHSC will give you a chance to work on the most pressing issues facing our country— healthcare for Medicaid beneficiaries. Each day we help our state clients become more efficient purchasers of quality healthcare for the most vulnerable citizens they serve, including families, low income, disabled, and other special needs members. As consultants, we work with healthcare leaders to solve their most complicated problems. In addition, our profession demands we are well rounded and developed by continuously learning and enriching our skills. Finally, we get to work with associates who are called to the same mission to deliver results for our clients, colleagues, and firm."
Sam Espinosa
National Practice Leader 

"Mercer’s Government Informatics Group helps our state clients achieve better outcomes through using and improving healthcare data to deliver maximum impact for the people they serve. From my first day as an analyst 20 years ago up to and including my work as the sector leader now, I’m proud to know that we have improved the daily lives of millions including our country’s most vulnerable children and adults by harnessing the power of data."
Doug Shannon
Informatics Sector Leader 

"We help our government clients solve a variety of issues every day. As an actuary, I get to work with clinicians, pharmacists, policy experts and coders to create holistic solutions that go beyond my individual expertise. This collaboration keeps me learning and growing and makes me a better consultant for my clients. Starting as an intern and building my career to a principal in Mercer’s government practice gave me a place to launch a successful career path within the health industry early on."
Katherine Long
Principal Actuary 

"I have always wanted to be a part of company that invests in its people and Mercer has always been a place that I have felt supported in my career. From in-depth technical trainings, a company-wide open door policy, mentorship programs and ongoing opportunities to continue my education; Mercer is somewhere I can continue to grow and learn."
Rachel Hartshorne
Informatics Consultant 

"From my first interaction with Mercer staff at a career fair, I immediately noticed how much passion every employee had for their work. At each interview, the team took the time to explain the complicated business to me and made sure I felt comfortable asking any questions I had. I knew then that I would spend every day learning and growing with this passionate group supporting me. Over a year into my consulting career, I can say this is still true!"
Olivia Levine

Explore Our Opportunities

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How you'll benefit
 Our competitive programs, entrepreneurial spirit and team-oriented culture offers a richly rewarding and exciting environment where you can excel and achieve your professional goals

 Working on multifaceted projects, you will have the opportunity to work with some of the smartest people in the industry as you work together to deliver impactful solutions to Mercer's government clients
What you'll experience
Be on the cutting edge of healthcare reform, as we partner with our state clients to implement a wide array of healthcare and human services programs, including actuarial, data/systems analysis, clinical, pharmacy, policy and procurement
Be part of the team with decades of experience helping states manage the challenges and complexities in the healthcare world
Who we're looking for
Strong critical thinking and analytical problem solving skills, both qualitative and quantitative

Excellent interpersonal skills and strong oral and written communication skills

Ability to collaborate well in our team-centered culture while juggling multiple projects in a dynamic and fast paced environment