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Who We Are

The Broking Support Services division of North America Broking is comprised of a dedicated team of people responsible for important components of the reinsurance business Guy Carpenter places for its clients.  Through knowledgeable contributions in the areas of formal contract writing and technical sales support such as evaluating client data and handling compliance requirements, our focus is to uplift those colleagues directly responsible for generating revenue while contributing to the positive experience of Guy Carpenter clients.  Though we are not directly responsible for cultivating the client relationships upon which our revenue relies, we are key contributors in a hard driving organization creating exciting solutions for clients in an ever-changing global environment.  Every day is a new adventure! 

Whether you have worked in reinsurance before or are new to our industry, check out the below opportunities to join an amazing organization.  Let’s talk!

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Hear From of our Broking Support Services Colleagues

"What keeps me excited to come to work every day is simple – it is the people. Our BSS team culture is very strong, connected and collaborative.  We come from all types of professional and educational backgrounds and are a high performing team that is deeply respected within the company and within the industry. The collective drive of BSS and the quality work product we produce on a daily basis constantly impress me. From my experience in working for other companies in the industry, I can honestly say that the infrastructure of BSS and the resources available to BSS colleagues is truly the best."
Katie Russell Etten
VP, Broking Support Services, Guy Carpenter

"Being a member of the Global Contract Consultant team means being at the inception of the conversations that involve the latest issues and topics surrounding the reinsurance industry – so the GCC team and the brokers and drafters we support can be best equipped to handle any questions asked by our clients. Additionally, through my 20 years at
​​​​​​​Guy Carpenter, I have had management’s support and been given the opportunities allowing me to expand my reinsurance knowledge and to continue to advance my career – and that is why I continue to remain here."
Ryan Olson  
SVP, Broking Support Services, Guy Carpenter

"The best part of a career at Guy Carpenter is how development paths are actionable and clearly laid out.  If I want to stay an individual contributor, there is a very clear path laid out for me to follow.  If I’m more interested in management, I know exactly what actions I need to take in order to achieve that goal.  If I want to take a position in a completely different department, GC has the tools to make sure I know what training, education and experience I need to work on in order to transition."
Clinton Kimberlin 
AVP, Broking Support Services, Guy Carpenter

"I really love how a career within the BSS team provides access to a more holistic perspective on risk management, which comes from working across many functions within Guy Carpenter as well the larger Marsh McLennan organization.  Having this vertically integrated perspective provides learning opportunities and a valuable context that makes me better and more effective at what I do. I am where I want to be, and I feel very fortunate to be in my current position.  My career development plans are focused on learning something new every day about reinsurance contract wording and/or the reinsurance industry in general, as well as develop a deeper working knowledge about the company."
David N. Kragseth
Managing Director, Broking Support Services, Guy Carpenter

"The reinsurance industry has always provided interesting, challenging and exciting opportunities for professional growth. It’s been a fascinating and gratifying ride!  For someone like me for whom having  a true career path is important to my own professional happiness and goals, Guy Carpenter and the Marsh McLennan organization have   
​​​​​​​been the perfect fit. 

I’m proud of our team and of the tremendous positive change we have brought to the organization’s objectives.  I’m also proud of the diversity of our group – diversity in every measure!  Training, ongoing learning, manager/colleague connection and helping our colleagues define and achieve the knowledge required to move along their desired career  path at Guy Carpenter are a top priority for me."
Wendy Lavin-Schilling 
Head of Broking Support Services North America, Guy Carpenter