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For our company, returning to the office isn’t about going back, it’s about moving forward. The pandemic has proven how flexible we are, and we will continue to adapt how we work with clients and one another. All over the world, our colleagues, managers and teams will be creating the new future of work.

Every one of us has a voice as well as a role in how we organize ourselves to do our best work and lead our best lives. We will test, learn and adapt together in our teams—and share what works best with others. 

How will we be working?
We expect that most of us will be in the office for two to three days each week, but we won’t have a one-size-fits-all model. Individual teams will co-create what works best for them, their clients and the organization. Here’s what this looks like for individuals:


The majority of colleagues will work a mix of in-office and virtual days, coming into the office 2-3 days per week. We are allowing for planned flexibility based on individual, team, client and business needs, in the context of colleagues roles and location. 


Onsite colleagues work in the office 4-5 days per week. These colleagues are in roles that can only be performed in the office—or for colleagues who prefer to come in every day. This option is available to all colleagues. 

Fully Remote

Fully remote colleagues work from home for the vast majority of the time. These colleagues have agreed upon this approach with their manager to best accommodate their needs or have been hired as a full remote colleague. Arrangements for individual colleagues should be agreed with your manager within the context of your role and location.

What makes time in the office together matter?  

A uniquely collaborative culture is what makes our company so effective in making businesses more successful and societies more resilient. We are at our best when we work together to solve challenges and create opportunities for clients and each other. There are important benefits of being together, not the least of which is in-person collaboration and team- and relationship-building.

How are we approaching hybrid work? 

Our goal is to create new ways of working together—virtually and in person—by using the different settings and technologies available to us. 
​​​​​​​A starting point is thinking about the kinds of work that the team needs to do, and what arrangements will suit those needs best. 

                      Heads Together
  • Team building and networking
  • Align priorities and forecast as a team
  • Manage performance improvement
  • Mentor, coach and develop others
  • Engage with clients and prospects
  • Test and refine solutions
  • Collaborate, brainstorm, problem-solve
  • Onboard into a new team
  • Celebrate and connect
                             Heads Up
  • Team meetings and check-ins
  • Commission work and define deliverables
  • Perform and grow conversations
  • Group and in-person training
  • Engage with multi-location stakeholders
  • Source best-of thinking
  • Status and feedback
  • Establish workflows and partnerships
  • Strengthen relationships
                          Heads down
  • Focus time to complete tasks
  • Make progress on deliverables I own
  • Set goals and measure progress
  • Self-directed learning
  • Global town halls and other virtual events
  • Research and develop a perspective
  • Administrative tasks and time sheets
  • Plan for the week ahead
  • Recharge and reflect

How do we develop new ways of working?

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