Your future career in risk and insurance starts with Marsh and our Early Career and Graduate Program.

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Are you intellectually curious? Do you want to make a difference both locally and globally? If so, Marsh has incredible opportunities to offer!

Embark on a career that allows you to make a difference to people and businesses across the world, spanning a breadth of industries. When the majority of the Fortune Global 500 firms are our clients, by joining Marsh, you get the opportunity to work with the top players from almost every industry you can think of.

Program Details
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About The Program

The Marsh Early Career and Graduate Program is an award winning program for graduates and early career talent with up to 2 years working experience. The experiential program is designed to provide you with holistic all-rounded development to grow your career in Marsh.

We hire a diverse cohort of candidates every year from varied backgrounds, nationalities, ethnicities, gender, academic disciplines, and universities.  Rotations through different teams provides a breath of knowledge, leadership exposure, mentorship, and the opportunities to build relationships and networks.  We value a diverse cohort with a desire to stretch, learn, and make positive impact.  Upon successful completion of the program, associates are placed in roles in the business, which provides continued opportunities to develop your career in Marsh.

Take the first step towards a rewarding career. Apply now and embark on a journey that will shape your future.
"Marsh's Early Career and Graduate Program has been a transformative experience and has played a pivotal role in my career and personal growth. Getting the opportunity to learn directly from experienced leaders while contributing to different aspects of the business while working in a multinational scope was an experience like no other. The program's emphasis on inclusivity and collaboration, where differences are celebrated and ideas are appreciated. It's a testament to Marsh's commitment to nurturing talent and creating a supportive environment for all, I'm very grateful to be a part of this program.
Aldi Musa
"Being a part of the program provided me a wide range of opportunities to work and learn from the local and regional leaders. I work with diverse teams who are dedicated and passionate to provide meaningful solutions to our clients. As a Graduate Associate, we were given multiple opportunities to hone our skills to be future leaders and catalysts of the industry"
Hanna Beatriz Obleplas 
"The Marsh Early Career and Graduate Program has definitely helped me in upskilling myself and figuring out which areas I’d pursue a career in due to its open and inclusive culture   where questions are not only allowed, but encouraged. Through the advice and mentoring provided to me by my leaders, my fellow associates, the program team and the career coaches, I feel more confident in my abilities, in further honing my strengths and building up my areas of growth, to contribute to not just my team, but to Marsh."
Renz Galang
"Marsh offers a plethora of opportunities. My knowledge of the insurance industry was little to none and being in Marsh for less than a year opened me to the complexity and nuances of it through firsthand work with different insurance lines and specialties, and consultation with experts. I appreciate how approachable everyone is, I've consulted with Marsh specialty leads from outside my country - Singapore, Korea, and even the US!"
Adrian Basas
"Being part of the Marsh Graduate Programme has provided me an exciting journey into the world of insurance, plentiful opportunities that challenge and encourage me to grow within a nurturing environment. Gaining local and regional exposures in various department has allowed me to see how we can deliver the best value to our clients! I am immensely proud of the journey I have had at Marsh so far and am grateful for the opportunities and guidance I have been given throughout the graduate programme."
Jenny Park
"Marsh Early Career and Graduate Program allows graduates fresh out of college and early career talent to transition from academic ready students into a next-gen market-ready professional, bringing valuable assets to their own career, Marsh, as well as the wider Insurance Market. I have enjoyed gaining exposure through guided training from leaders and mentors, as well as a wide network of professionals across the region and the world. I am grateful to Marsh for offering me this experience to explore an organization of collaborative culture, and would definitely recommend it others."
Tai Rong Ser
"From day 1 in the Marsh Early Career and Graduate Program, I was able to communicate with many diverse people. I learned that having difference backgrounds and working together could be diffficult, but it can also be a valuable experience and it became one for me. This program taught me that Marsh is an open, united company and I hope many others can have this experience."
Megumi Ishii

What We're Looking For

We know you’ve worked hard to achieve your degree but we don’t want to define you by it. That’s why we accept students in any degree discipline and focus on getting to know you. Our clients span just about every industry, so your knowledge and experience can too.

We are looking for candidates with the following skills and attributes:

• Strong business acumen and problem-solving skills
• Good verbal and written communication skills
• Ability to work individually and in teams
• Adaptability and learning agility
• Results-oriented and resilience
• Diverse perspective and innovative thinking
• Empathy and ability to cultivate relationships
We value people who are collaborative, innovative, demonstrate adaptability and learning agility, and who want to make a difference in their workplace and community.

Why Join the Marsh Early Career and Graduate Program?
Marsh Asia is a successful and fastest growing region including 11 countries. We thrive in a fast-paced environment, driven by results and a track record of consistent business growth.

We prioritize the well-being of our colleagues, offering support and flexibility through our hybrid work arrangement. We prioritize employee wellbeing at Marsh via multiple support channels, including the Friends in Need Program for mental health, Digital Wellness Solutions, @YourBest and Employee Assistance Programs.

Inclusion and diversity is central to all we do and we actively partner with our colleagues to embed this in our culture and daily interactions. We want everyone to bring their authentic selves to work, fostering an environment where diverse backgrounds, experiences, thoughts, and opportunities are embraced, encouraged, and advanced.

We care about our communities and support our colleagues’ efforts to give back in the ways that are most meaningful to them. We are committed to responsible business practices and making a positive impact in the communities where we live and work.

Program Details

     Immersive Learning Experience
The Marsh Early Career and Graduate Program is a combination of unparalleled formal training and on-the-job learning with an objective to enhance your technical, client-advisory, and business skills. As part of the 24-month program, you will go through cross-functional rotations to build your knowledge and skills, familiarize with resources, and develop the relationships needed to be effective in your roles. You will have the opportunity to take on real responsibility within the team as you grow your knowledge and skills and apply them in actual projects involving clients.
We understand the importance of a strong support network across the business that is committed to helping you succeed and fulfil your potential. In addition to your manager, you will be assigned to a mentor and a buddy during the program. Mentoring will help you grow professionally and personally as you learn from experienced colleagues who will guide and support you through periods of intense learning and growth.
         Cross Functional Workforce
Depending on the work projects involved and your performance during the program, you may be offered opportunities for overseas exposure. Structured job rotations enable you to get exposure and develop breadth of perspective, while you gain skills and knowledge across various practices. You have the opportunity to work on projects with colleagues from other teams and build your network in Marsh.
                  Regular Feedback
We believe performance management is not only a formal process but a regular conversation. Performance Reviews at Marsh will comprise of formal goal-setting, continuous feedback through regular check-ins, frequent coaching, and formal performance evaluation. 
You will get opportunities to network and collaborate with experienced colleagues, clients, insurers, partners, and other industry peers.
      Interacting With Senior Leaders
You will have the opportunities to engage in dialogue with Marsh leaders and learn from their experiences and sharing. 
Awards and RecognitionWe are honored to be recognized by external organizations for the collective achievements of our colleagues.