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Your future career in risk and insurance starts here.

Consider the Possibilities

Are you a curious person? Do you want to make a difference locally and globally? If so, Marsh has incredible opportunities to offer you!

Embark on a career that allows you to make a difference for people and businesses around the world and in every industry. Join a global team of more than 45,000 colleagues in over 130 countries, serving business and individual clients with data-driven risk and advisory solutions. At Marsh, we help colleagues and clients grow—and communities thrive—by protecting and promoting possibilities.­

What to Expect as a Graduate at Marsh

  • You will be immediately integrated into our business, which means an exciting and continuous learning experience from day one.

  • We will manage your development through a Graduate Program that is completely designed to consider your previous experiences and educational background, as well as your interests and ambitions.

  • You will help us shape an industry that goes far beyond risk and insurance.

  • You will have a future full of technology, innovation, diversity and inclusion in your hands.

Program Details

Download our brochures to learn more about the Graduate Program and check the available locations on the map:

Our Locations

What We're Looking For

We are looking for candidates with the following skills and attributes:

• Business acumen and problem-solving skills
• Verbal and written communication skills
• Ability to work individually and in teams
• Adaptability and agility of learning
• Results orientation and resilience
• Diverse perspective and innovative thinking
• Empathy and ability to cultivate relationships
We value people who are collaborative, innovative, demonstrate adaptability and learning agility, and who want to make a difference in their workplace and community. What can you contribute?

Program Details

     Immersive Learning Experience
The Graduates program offers a combination of formal training and on-the-job learning, which aims to enhance your technical, customer advisory and business skills. In addition to structured trainings, you will have the opportunity to take real responsibility within the team as you increase your knowledge and skills and apply them to real projects involving clients.
We understand the importance of a strong, company-wide support network that is committed to helping you succeed and reach your potential. In addition to your manager, we will assign you a mentor and a buddy during the program. Mentoring will help you grow professionally and personally as you learn from experienced colleagues who will guide and support you during periods of intense learning and growth.
             Diversity & Inclusion
Marsh McLennan is dedicated to promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion in all aspects of its operations, aiming to create a workplace where everyone feels valued and supported.
                 Constant Feedback
We believe that performance management is not just a formal process but a conversation that should take place regularly. Performance reviews at Marsh will consist of formal goal setting, continuous feedback through frequent check-ins, coaching and formal performance evaluation.
               Global Networking 
You'll gain opportunities to network and collaborate with organizational leaders, colleagues, clients, insurers, partners, and other experienced industry colleagues around the world.
      Interacting With Senior Leaders
You will have the opportunity to engage in dialogue with Marsh leaders, in various formats and encounters, to learn and share their experiences.

Hear From Our Alumni

My experience as a Graduate at Marsh McLennan has been very stimulating for my career from day one. The challenge of embarking on the insurance market as soon as I graduated in engineering made me see new applications to my knowledge and awakened my curiosity for this type of business. 
The program has been a tool that enables my learning process (training, festivals, conversation circles), facilitates dialogue with leaders and peers (mentoring, graduate meetings), fosters my commitment to the community (volunteering, D&I pillars) and thus favors my development within the company.
Evien Oliveira

LAC Graduate Program Alumni, 2023

The graduate program is a dream experience. It is learning, experience and growth, but it is also the possibility to work and share moments with colleagues from Marsh McLennan Companies around the world. 

Thanks to the graduate program I had the chance to talk with leaders from all countries. Leaders who told me about their experience in MMC, how they managed to be where they are today and who gave me advice on how to get there. Thanks to the program I even had the chance to talk personally with Flavio Piccolomini (CEO MMC International) and Ricardo Brockmann (CEO MMC Latin America and Caribbean), who told me about their great affection and admiration for this program.

I encourage everyone who has the opportunity to be part of this program to make the most of it. You will enjoy every moment of being a Graduate.
Francisco Akel

LAC Graduate Program Alumni, 2023

My name is Andrea Baron, I joined Marsh Colombia in May 2019 in the first generation of Marsh Colombia graduates.
When I joined I had recently finished my studies in Industrial Engineering at the Javeriana Bogotá, I had no knowledge in insurance and I consider this as the first great achievement of the career that I have built in Marsh. 

The first position I held was as support in IMPACT area dedicated to make proposals for private bids, this position allowed me to know the organization in depth, understand the products we could offer and provide my knowledge to implement the indicators in the area.
A great achievement of the graduate program and especially Marsh is that if you have projections and raise your hand, little by little opportunities open up. This happened to me at the beginning of 2020, the opportunity of the position of assistant commercial manager in the construction and infrastructure sector presented itself, thanks to the opportunity that the organization gave me and the trust of Daniel Torres at the time, today I am developing my career in Marsh in one of the sectors that I have liked the most and that have motivated me so that today I am months away from starting my master's degree in senior business management and my specialization in construction project management. 
Andrea Baron
LAC Graduate Program Alumni, 2023

Throughout my personal and professional life, I have had the goal of bettering myself and making a positive impact on my environment. The Graduates program allowed me to work on those goals; it gave me the opportunity to meet great people who play an important role for the company both now and in the future. The Graduates are people with immense potential and I am happy to know that I can count on them.
The program accelerated my professional career, gave me the flexibility to create my own path and the tools to walk it. I am currently in the position of Assistant AVP Manager at Marsh Specialty Energy & Power; I can say with confidence that I am passionate about what I do at Marsh and as a team we will exceed all of our goals. Opportunities are there for those who have the courage and commitment to take them.

José Bobadilla

LAC Graduate Program Alumni, 2023

Why Join the Marsh Graduate Program?

At Marsh, we help colleagues and clients grow—and communities thrive—by protecting and promoting Possibilities.

In the security we provide, there is freedom to pursue bigger and better things. Our work creates the freedom to move forward for our clients and also for each of us.

Why Marsh? The answer lies not only in our size and depth of experience, unwavering commitment to customers, unmatched industry knowledge and unparalleled global reach; it takes more than capabilities to protect and promote Possibility: it takes character.

We love this job and are determined to make a difference for our customers. We work with people and establish genuine relationships based on trust. We want to know more, do more; Our favorite question is the one we haven't answered yet.

We believe that the possibility is at the limit of capacity. We look for better ways and define more effective paths to the right outcome. It's what insurance has: knowing that someone is there to lend a hand. We are passionate, human, inquisitive and enterprising, and our sense of integrity is in service of a greater good. For our customers, for Marsh, for our colleagues and for the communities in which we live and work.