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At Marsh, our competitive advantage is our people. Innovative thinking, meaningful relationships and cutting edge solutions are imperative for the success of our clients and our firm. We value people, who are collaborative, growth-oriented, demonstrate adaptability and learning agility, and who want to make a difference in their workplace and community.

We currently offer two best in class programs to eligible graduates:

Marsh TRAC: The Marsh TRAC Program is a two-year, training program designed to develop high potential graduates and accelerate their careers.

Summer TRAC: The Summer TRAC Program is a structured 10-week internship with opportunities across the U.S.

Program details

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Recruitment closed on October 12, 2023. Check back here for updates on the next recruiting session

What we're looking for

​​Our clients span just about every industry from aviation to healthcare to real estate, so your knowledge and experience can too! The summer and full-time TRAC programs are open to all majors and it’s our job to match you to a role that best utilizes your skills and experiences.

Is risk and insurance a career for me?

Working for Marsh offers the opportunity to work with clients all over the world in nearly every industry sector. No matter what you studied at university, you will be able to apply those skills at Marsh. 
         Business & Economics
The best brokers and client executives understand how their client’s business works. With your business background, you will be familiar with a number of industries and the kind of market in which our clients work, which will give you a greater understanding of  the risks our clients face.
Having studied engineering, you now have the capability to think logically, with the ability to see both the bigger picture and the finer details. These skills allow you to understand your clients’ needs and overall goals. Being able to understand the client’s technical jargon means you can quickly understand their needs and environment as well as any technical requirements and risks that may present themselves. ​​​​​​​
Working in a global organization means that you’ll regularly be required to interact with colleagues and clients across the globe. With either a marketing or communications major, you will be able to effectively navigate different cultures and communicate in a succinct and clear manner, which is a highly valuable skill.
                   Liberal Arts
A liberal arts background will allow you to think critically and ask the right questions to get the best results possible for your client. Your overall knowledge from your different coursework will ensure that you are able to analyze data and see small details.
               Political Science
With your background, you will be well-aware of major economic, social and cultural issues, which will help in your interactions with clients across the globe. Your knowledge and attention to detail will be critical in understanding policy wordings, and getting the best outcomes for your clients.
Using mathematical modeling, data analysis and your analytical mind, you’ll be able to help clients optimize their risk transfer and develop a robust insurance program. Your extensive problem solving skills will be highly beneficial in your ability to look at issues from a new perspective in our ever changing insurance industry.

Why join a Marsh development program? 

As a Marsh graduate, you will be part of a great working culture and a best in class graduate development program. We believe in camaraderie and collaboration, no matter what your role, level, experience or background. We work to create a sense of community where everyone's ideas, contributions and individual strengths and differences are valued and supported.

As a global leader in insurance broking and risk management, Marsh is devoted to finding diverse individuals who are committed to the success of our clients and our organization. Marsh’s TRAC Program provides recent graduates with a solid foundation to accelerate their careers in the risk and insurance industry. TRAC associates join teams of talented professionals from across the globe who are dedicated to helping clients manage some of the world’s most challenging and complex risks.

We are committed to diversity and inclusion. Our people feel confident to succeed here because they can truly be themselves. We embrace, encourage and advance diversity—including diversity of background, experience, thought and opportunity. You can participate in Colleague Resource Groups to help build a sense of connection and community throughout your career. We also prioritize your wellness, learning and development, and value workplace flexibility.

We care about our communities and support our colleagues’ efforts to give back in the ways that are most meaningful to them. We are committed to conducting business in a responsible way at all times and actively support the communities in which we live and work.

Make the most of your future by choosing a company that lives its values, cares about its communities, and is deeply committed to helping colleagues and employees achieve more from life every day.

Meet Our TRAC Program Alumni

"In my opinion, the TRAC Program is a “once-in-a-career-opportunity”. You are able to experience two vastly different areas of Marsh, gaining unique knowledge & skills from each rotation. As a TRAC, I spent time with our Property Practice & Corporate segment. This experience, at the very start of your career, changes your perspective. During my rotations, I was able to determine where I best fit into the organization. Currently, I have the pleasure of being an Associate Client Executive in our DC Office. The teams I spent time with during my TRAC rotations, not only helped me get to this point, but also taught me skills I continue to use daily. The program truly helps you find the best fit for you at Marsh."
Kate Branson
Associate Client Executive - Marsh  

"As a TRAC Associate, I had the opportunity to work in multiple risk segments within Marsh including Private Equity and Professional lines of coverage. During my time in the TRAC program I developed a strong interest in client data quality and digital transformation. To diversify my experience and increase business exposure, I also volunteered a portion of time to the deployment of LINQ, our digitized client service experience. Applying my enthusiasm for data accuracy and learning systems to each department allowed me to build a niche that helped shape the role I am in today."
Jun Broderick
Manager, LINQ Implementation -

"As cliché as it sounds, the best part about working for Marsh is truly the people.  During my time as a TRAC associate, I had the opportunity to connect with many of Marsh’s thought and practice leaders as well as surrounded myself with an amazing team of smart and talented individuals. Learning in an environment where everyone unwaveringly supported my growth and development allowed me to become an integral part of the Chicago Corporate team.  I am happy to say that during my time as a TRAC I went from supporting clients through my colleagues to quarterbacking account teams by the end of year 2.  The TRAC program is truly special and I am glad I chose to join Marsh."
Hagan Surkamer
VP, Account Executive - Marsh

"I chose to work at Marsh via the TRAC program because new hires are set up for success. Not only is it achievable for yourself to grow as an individual, but you can also contribute to the company’s overall development. Every colleague, no matter their area of practice, is welcoming with open doors to guide and push you to go above and beyond your goals."
Grace Carlson
Assistant Vice President, Healthcare Placement - Marsh

“Starting my career in the TRAC program has been an extremely rewarding decision. As a TRAC I was exposed to various arms of Marsh. I learned to utilize my skills in public speaking, as well as develop new attributes such as process orientation, underwriting implementation and negotiation. I am able to use the tools I received in the TRAC program in my current role as a Cyber Advisor. In addition to the tools I received, I was also able to develop great relationships with my fellow TRACs, as we all navigate through an ever changing environment.”
Ariana Masole
Assistant Vice President, Cyber Advisory -

"Upon my graduation from Wake Forest, with a Biology degree, and little knowledge of the insurance world, I started as a TRAC Associate. I was challenged, constantly learning and absorbing knowledge from top leading industry experts. I had multiple mentors throughout the TRAC program, trusting me with strategic projects and tasks. From the very beginning, I was able to work with clients and negotiate competitive insurance programs based on their risk profile. At Marsh, I was able to find a truly rewarding career path while being supported by multiple colleagues." 
Lizzie Sweyer
Assistant Vice President, FINPRO Advisory -