Shape the Future of Work
as a Rewards Strategy Consultant

What We Do

With a career as a Mercer human capital consultant, you will be helping companies of all sizes and across all industries to solve their greatest challenges by designing and implementing workforce strategies to help them grow within their markets. We help these organizations define and implement an employee experience that will make the right talent want to join, stay and deliver their best performance.

At Mercer, consultants in the Career business have the opportunity to develop their expertise across a range of human capital challenges, including:
  • How to adjust your compensation strategy for a remote workforce
  • How to provide market-competitive rewards that reflect evolving market trends and drive desired employee engagement
  • How executive compensation can drive a business’ ESG goals
  • What job architecture approach is best for high-growth organization? Global organization?
In addition to rewards engagements, Career consultants also support their same clients with other human capital projects, such as:
  • Transforming the HR Function by helping our clients reimagine their workforce​​​​​​​
  • Designing and communication a compelling Employee Value Proposition (EVP)
  • Implementing Human Capital Management (HCM) technology solutions
  • Assisting with culture & compensation diligence and harmonization during M&A transactions

Meet Our Colleagues

"The Talent / Workforce COI (center of interest) provides clients with a variety of solutions spanning rewards, employee engagement, organization design, learning and mobility. We help our clients develop programs, policies and practices that facilitate the attraction, retention and development of critical workforce talent and ultimately help them provide a positive employee experience. It has been incredibly rewarding to work on the front lines of a concept that is revolutionizing the way organizations think about rewarding their employees."
Monique McCloud-Manley 
US & Canada Workforce Solutions Leader, Mercer

"We work on highly strategic issues, such as IPOs, spin-offs, and M&A, and linking company business and financial strategy to human capital strategy. Increasingly we are helping clients figure out how to hold the organization and its leaders accountable for success in achieving sustainability and making real progress in DEI – greater
representation, engagement, and inclusion of traditionally underrepresented groups. I love to help solve my clients’ problems, which come in all shapes and sizes and degrees of complexity. Even after a long career, I continue to learn every day – from my clients, my partners, and my teams."
Gregg Passin 
US & Canada Executive Solutions Leader, Mercer

“Mercer’s Career business not only designs career paths for clients but also provides a life-long consulting career path to its employees. It’s a great place for anyone who wants to start, stay, and soar in a consulting career."
Kevin Poff
West Market Business Leader, Mercer

"Mercer provides me the perfect opportunity to leverage my experience as an HR professional and legal training to help clients navigate challenges through creative and dynamic approaches. Furthermore, Mercer offers me a chance to learn from some of the best consultants leading the way in redefining the world of work."
Pete Reyes
Associate - Consulting Rewards, Mercer

Mapping Your Career Journey
Have a look below and explore some sample career paths to learn about where a opportunity as a Mercer Career Consultant can take you. Every potential career path is different, so please note that not all practices or roles within Mercer career consulting will be represented.
The Expert

A consultant joins Mercer and works on rewards strategy engagements across Executive Rewards and Workforce Rewards areas (incentive plan design, job architecture, compensation assessments, etc.). After two promotions early in their career, the consultant begins to specialize in executive rewards where they have frequent exposure to CEOs and Boards of Directors. As a senior Executive Rewards consultant, they become a thought leader and lead the integration of ESG into rewards strategies for Fortune 500 companies.
The Manager

With a long-term aspiration to manage teams and run a P&L, this consultant joins Mercer’s Career business and focuses on delivering work in one of the core areas of rewards consulting. In parallel with becoming an expert in this space, the colleague becomes staffing manager and makes project assignments for their local Career team. With a focus on colleague development, the consultant begins to manage other consultants and then the entire team, taking on role as Office Business Leader.
The Solution Architect

This consultant started early in their career to see the connections between rewards strategy, job architecture, and workforce transformation. To build on that vision, they spent time on projects that spanned a large portion of the Career business. With an aptitude for tailoring resources to fit client need, this consultant becomes a trusted advisor for their clients.
The Explorer

The Consultant joins Mercer’s Career business as an analyst with initial focus on rewards strategy projects. This colleague loves learning and has a clear strength in quickly applying knowledge so they build a career around breadth of expertise. To reinforce their goals, the colleague’s staffing continuously pivots to new parts of the Career business. In tandem with their content exploring, they also explore other avenues of learning, including acting as staffing manager and people manager.
The Dealer

The consultant joins Mercer’s Career business as an analyst with initial focus on rewards strategy consulting. Due to interest and acumen for fast-pasted, quantitative work, the consultant joins a few due diligence projects. With a taste for the transaction (IPO, merger, etc.) environment, the consultant chooses to follow an M&A path at Mercer and becomes a manager and content leader in transaction-related people strategy.

Explore Our Opportunities

Ready to take the next step? Take a look below at some of the types of opportunities that we offer and submit your information if you are interested in having a conversation or send a message directly to

If you do not see a role that currently matches your career path, we encourage you to join our talent community so that we can stay in touch!

What We're Looking For

We have high expectations of our consultants and look for the following in our potential colleagues:

Interpersonal Abilities

  • Team player
  • Client journey focused
  • Good communicator (verbal and written)

  • ​​​​​​​Self starter
  • Intellectual curiosity
  • Willingness to learn
  • Ability to prioritize

Technical Skills
  • Analytical mindset
  • Quantitative and qualitative
  • Detail-oriented

What We Offer

With a career in compensation consulting, you will have the ability to work alongside all other areas of the Mercer consulting business. Paired with our culture of internal and global mobility, your potential for growth and development is endless.

In addition to limitless mobility we offer:

Team Experience
You will develop in an energetic, collaborative, supportive, largely local environment.

Learning Opportunities
You will learn from the best in the industry and regularly push the boundaries of your current role.

Career Growth
Whether you stay here for a few years or a lifetime, Mercer is invested in your future.

Intellectual Capital
Get involved in cutting-edge thought leadership on the biggest "people" questions of the day. 

Multi-Project Staffing
Gain exposure to a wide variety of industries and practice areas within the Mercer consulting family.

Global Reach
Experience the benefits of working for a global company, from flexible working arrangements to worldwide rotations.