Brighten Your Future With a Career as a Mercer Benefits Counselor

“At Mercer we pride ourselves in making a difference in people’s lives. Our Contact Center Benefits Counselors help customers make important health and benefits decisions during the moments that matter. If you are passionate about helping others and looking for a rewarding career, come join our team!”
Lena Signani - 
US & Canada Contact Center  Leader

"I joined Mercer in August 2021, and my experience has been nothing short of wonderful. The team I work with is exceptional, comprising of knowledgeable and helpful individuals who have been instrumental in making my transition into a new field much smoother. Despite my initial nervousness as a newcomer, my colleagues at Mercer have been extremely supportive, providing guidance and expertise whenever needed. I am grateful to be part of such a talented and welcoming company, and I look forward to continuing my professional growth and development with Mercer.”
Luis Nolasco- 
Customer Service Analyst

“As a call center leader to Mercer, I have found my job to be incredibly fulfilling and rewarding. Working in this field has given me the opportunity to develop my leadership skills and to positively impact the lives of both my team members and the customers we serve. One of the best things I love about working at Mercer is the opportunity to work with such a diverse group of people from different backgrounds, cultures, and walks of life!”

Jordan Morey - Supervisor 

"My experience at Mercer began during the Pandemic as my department's first permanently remote benefit counselor. Due to hard work, dedication, positive outlook and prior experience, I was promoted within 18 months to a management position I love! The staff is welcoming and supportive, and the learning opportunities are endless! I am proof that the sky is the limit for remote workers!"
Nickie Burress -
Team Lead

“Working for Mercer has been a very positive experience. The culture at Mercer is excellent with supportive colleagues and supervisors and there is also a good work/life balance. Additionally, assisting retirees with navigating their benefits is a rewarding experience. After working as a Benefits Counselor at Mercer, I recently have had the opportunity to grow in my career with Mercer into a new role as a Senior Benefits Counselor." 
Victoria Mitchell - Senior Benefits Counselor

"I love the fact that Mercer’s culture is all-inclusive. It doesn’t matter where you or who you are; this is a place where you are noticed, you are welcomed, and you are celebrated. I feel like I am part of a family where I matter. For a company to accept you for who you are and actually show it is a wonderful thing!"
Teresa Thomas -
Call Center Supervisor 

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