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Finance Leadership Development Program (FLDP)

Each year, Marsh McLennan selects a handful of new MBAs for a finance program like no other.

You’ll do more—and at a higher level—while enjoying a uniquely collaborative culture across our diverse businesses. We promise you: work that matters, extraordinary colleagues and the opportunity to make a difference.

The Summer FLDP is designed for first-year MBA students ready to contribute to high-impact projects over the course of ten weeks.
The Full-Time FLDP is designed for recent MBA graduates ready to embark on a two-year program with three rotations. FLDP Associates are given the opportunity to drive strategic and high-impact projects in finance.
"Before earning my MBA and joining the FLDP program I was an officer in the US Army. I was attracted to the FLDP because it presented me with the ability to continue developing as a leader, while transitioning to a career in finance. What has been evident is that senior leaders at the firm are committed to developing junior members into future finance leaders. The support and cohesion I've felt at Marsh McLennan has made it a great place to begin my post MBA Career."
Michael Baum
Senior FP&A Manager,
​​​​​​​Finance Excellence, Mercer FP&A

FLDP Alumnus
"The ability to test-drive 3 different finance functional areas in addition to working with top leadership in the company is an opportunity that few organizations offer to recent graduates. Additionally, the strong and steady financial performance of Marsh McLennan is a testament to the leadership of the firm and I feel fortunate to work for an organization with such a track record of success."
Ally Walstad
Finance Leadership Development Program Associate
Guy Carpenter
"The culture at Marsh McLennan embodies a people-first mentality. It has been present with almost everyone I’ve spoken to at the firm. When I meet new people whether business leaders, or finance colleagues, I’m always surprised at how collegial people are. I have yet to experience a team with sharp elbows or a colleague not willing to offer advice when I’ve asked a question."
Jacob Karas
Senior Manager, FP&A in Investor Relations, Mercer FP&A
FLDP Alumnus
"Over the course of my career, I have never had so many opportunities to learn and develop as I have had in my first two months at MMC. I have never seen a community that is so dedicated to career development and continual learning as this one. There are countless structured opportunities including seminars and teach-ins with even the most senior leaders, starting from day one."
Bailey Eisen
MFinance Leadership Development Program Associate
Marsh McLennan
"I joined the Treasury organization as a Senior Manager in 2012.  Currently, I am the head of Capital Markets Group, reporting directly to the Treasurer. From the beginning, I have been very impressed with the culture and the talent within the group.  It has been a great learning experience, where everyone has been very collaborative and taking pride in each other’s success." 
Abhishek Luthra
Senior Director, Capital Markets Treasury
FLDP Alumnus

"The Marsh McLennan FLDP provides you with so many opportunities to grow as a professional. Within my first six months at the company, I had the opportunity to meet senior leaders, participate in communications trainings, and make meaningful contributions to the Global Finance organization. The program does a great job preparing you for a successful career and you truly feel like you’re part of the Marsh McLennan team." 
Jackson Randolph 
FLDP Associate, Finance

Finance Innovation & Technology (FIT) Program

The FIT Program is a ten-week internship opportunity for undergraduate students majoring in technology and/or finance to participate in challenging and impactful projects. At Marsh McLennan, inclusion and diversity are fundamental business values. We strive to create an environment where you can bring your authentic self to work and thrive. We know that colleagues with different backgrounds, perspectives, experiences and cultures bring diverse ideas that drive innovation and growth. This unique and challenging development program is for driven individuals interested in developing innovative solutions for finance at Marsh McLennan.
“One of the most integral aspects of my internship was that I was able to connect with so many generous, brilliant, and diverse colleagues. Everyone at Marsh McLennan helped me feel supported and encouraged and I, therefore, came back full-time as I knew there was the opportunity to pursue my interests in Technology and be able to provide value in a real-world business context!"
Mary Shin 
Senior IT Business Analyst
CIS Innovation
Marsh McLennan

“What made my role unique during my summer internship was the fact that what we were building was innovative and completely new. It felt groundbreaking because we were the first people to work on integrating Machine Learning on a scale like this, which was fascinating! The work I did as an intern and the projects I am now part of as a full-time associate, are on a much larger scale with greater responsibility. This motivates me every day in my career!”
Darshak Savalia
Senior IT Business Analyst
CIS Innovation
Marsh McLennan

"I’m really fascinated with what’s going on in the
world of technology at Marsh McLennan. We’re going to change the way we work here in finance and I believe that the FIT program will play a pivotal role in that shift."
Stacy Mills 
Chief Accounting Officer Marsh McLennan

"The FIT Program provides the opportunity to work hands-on with technologies on high-impact projects. finance leaders are eager to learn about how they should leverage technologies to propel finance into the future, and this program provides participants with the chance to do just that."
Olivia Evans 
​​​​​​​Senior Applications Developer 
Marsh McLennan

"What we are trying to do is bring technologies like RPA, blockchain, machine learning, and put that into perspective for finance. Programs like FIT are a key step in our journey at Marsh McLennan and I am excited to see what comes next."
Ruby Sahay
Director of Innovation Marsh McLennan

Rising Talent in Finance (RTiF) Program​​​​​​​

Financial Planning & Analysis (FP&A)

The RTiF FP&A Program is a ten-week internship for current undergraduate students interested in starting a career in finance at Marsh McLennan.
“Participating in the Marsh McLennan's FP&A Summer Internship Program was nothing short of extraordinary. The program empowered me with knowledge and skills that not only enriched my finance expertise but also deepened my commitment to fostering a diverse and inclusive financial landscape. Marsh McLennan culture has been envolving to embrace diversity and inclusion as core values, fostering an environment where every voice is heard, respected, and valued, propelling us toward a brighter, more innovative future. It's an experience that I cherish, as it not only transformed my career but also reaffirmed the essential role of diversity in shaping a brighter future for the finance industry.”
Daniel Vital
FP&A Analyst
Marsh McLennan


“The feeling of community and growth opportunities are two things I loved about being an intern at Marsh McLennan! I have experienced an open culture, where thoughts and ideas are encouraged and embraced. Additionally, colleagues have been eager to support the start of my professional career, which has been incredibly valuable.”
Eunice Ojedele
Senior Analyst
Marsh McLennan

“This is potentially one of our most important development programs. We are establishing an early pipeline that not only harnesses the potential of some of the best and brightest, but also introduces them to the world of finance and risk management at a much earlier stage in their careers. This will prove to be a difference maker for Marsh McLennan.”
Dequan Walker
Chief Financial Officer
Marsh UK Commercial

“The Rising Talent in Finance Program is designed to bring in diverse undergraduate talent to Marsh McLennan global finance. It will make us better and challenge those new colleagues to make them grow with us. It will be a key program to sustain and build Marsh McLennan finance to be the best-in-class team in professional services.”
Keith Walsh
Chief Financial Officer

Internal Audit
The Rtif Program is a ten-week internship for current Juniors interested in starting a career in Internal Audit. At Marsh McLennan, Internal Audit provides outstanding exposure within Finance as well as the entire organization. This unique and challenging development program is for driven individuals interested in building a career at Marsh McLennan. We strive to create an environment where you can bring your authentic self to work and thrive, while also building a sense of community.
"Through the Global Finance Campus Program, I was able to meet so many ambitous, driven, and supportive people. During the Internal Audit Summer Internship specifically, I was also able to learn about so many different parts of the business that I would not have been introduced to without the Internal Audit team. The encouragement I received throughout the summer showed me that I wanted to start my full-time career at Marsh McLennan, and I am excited to see how I will continue to grow at this company."
Julia Fog
Staff Auditor
Marsh McLennan

"Internal Audit provides an excellent opportunity to learn all of our businesses at Masrh McLennan. We provide the opportunities to grow within our team, overall finance or find possibilities in other areas of our business. We have seen our talent grow into senior leaders within our department as well as move out into FP&A and the business. Lastly, we are fortunate to be surronded by various programs ranging from Women in Finance as part of the broader Finance community, as well as, Diversity councils within our own Internal Audit department."
Linda Segarra
Head of Americas, Finance
Marsh McLennan

“A career in Internal Audit provides outstanding exposure to the entirety of Marsh McLennan. There are opportunities to grow within Audit, Finance, Technology, or any of our businesses! Our culture and inclusivity also plays an imperative role in who we are and what we do, we like to build a sense of community and have fun along the way.”
Sean Hoopes
VP & Head of Internal Audit
Marsh McLennan

“I am proud to be a part of Marsh McLennan's commitment to developing career-ready ungergraduates into future leaders. By joining DTiF, Marsh McLennan will provide you with the right set of tools for you to not only get the opportunity to network, build connections and be mentored by our own Finance Professionals, but also allow you to build a foundation that will be fulfilling in many ways, upon graduation. This role will ensure your professional career accelerates.”
Yadi Marmolejos
Senior Audit Manager
Marsh McLennan

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